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Entertainment Messaging

A collaborative suicide prevention approach for news and entertainment

An initiative of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

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Through its changing the conversation priority, the Action Alliance and its partners seek to improve messaging by focusing on three key audiences: news media, entertainment media, and public messengers.

Our Collaboration with the Entertainment Media

The way in which mental health and suicide are depicted in movies and other forms of entertainment can have either positive or negative effects on viewers. Research shows these depictions can influence behavior negatively, by contributing to contagion, or positively, by supporting help-seeking. Authentic and thoughtful portrayals reflecting best practice guidance can support suicide prevention efforts by preventing contagion, encouraging help-seeking, connecting those in crisis with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or other resources, and ultimately changing the way viewers think and talk about suicide.

National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide

National Recommendations for Depicting SuicideReleased in 2019, the Action Alliance's National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide aim to help members of the entertainment industrycontent creators, scriptwriters, producerstell more balanced and authentic stories involving suicide and suicide prevention.  


Real Stories Initiative

Real StoriesThe Action Alliance's Real Stories concept is a collaborative suicide prevention approach for news and entertainment. More information to follow. For immediate questions, please contact 


Mental Health Storytelling Coalition and Mental Health Media Guide

Changing the narrative illustrationThe Action Alliance is a member of the Mental Health Storytelling Coalition, a group of leading entertainment companies and mental health organizations and experts coming together to tackle how mental health is portrayed in entertainment content. In May 2021, the Mental Health Storytelling Coalition released the Mental Health Media Guide, a groundbreaking, comprehensive resource for content creators designed to help expand positive mental health portrayals. 

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Thank you for reaching out to us via email. The Action Alliance is not a crisis line. If we are concerned about an email you send to our inbox, we will forward your communication to 988. Please know that we care about you, and that you don’t have to answer the call from 988, but their resources are always available. If you or someone you know is experiencing a suicide or mental health related crisis, please call or text 988 or chat