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National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

The 2024 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention is a bold 10-year, comprehensive, whole-of-society approach to suicide prevention that provides concrete recommendations for addressing gaps in the suicide prevention field.

This strategy addresses suicide at the national, state, tribal, local, and territorial levels and relies upon critical partnerships across the public and private sectors. To ensure effective actions are advanced in accordance with the Federal Action Plan, people with lived experience have been and remain critical to the implementation of this strategy.

The National Strategy focuses on the many factors associated with suicide, with the recognition that there is no single solution. The National Strategy is accompanied by the first-ever Federal Action Plan, which identifies more than 200 actions across the Federal government to be taken over the next three years in support of those goals.

Cover of the NSSP

Read the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Cover of the NSSP Federal Action Plan

Read the Federal Action Plan 

Role of the Action Alliance

As a steward of the 2024 National Strategy, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) serves as the independent, public-private national partnership for suicide prevention. The Action Alliance brings together the best thinking and resources from the public and private sectors to advance the goals and objectives of the National Strategy.

Resources for promoting the National Strategy and Action Plan, including a fact sheet, suggested social media copy, and more, are available for your use at Please join us in achieving meaningful, equitable, and measurable advancement in suicide prevention.

National Action Alliance
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