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Steering Committee

The Action Alliance Steering Committee is a small group of Executive Committee members and other experts in the field who provide guidance and recommendations to the Action Alliance Co-Chairs and Secretariat.


Duties of Steering Committee Members:  

  • Advise the Co-Chairs and Secretariat in their leadership and decision-making roles (e.g. governance, priority advancement, financing/sustainability, reviewing recommendations).  
  • Represent the best interests of the Action Alliance and the Executive Committee.
  • Make recommendations about Co-Chair replacement(s) in the event of a resignation.
  • Make recommendations about Executive Committee member and Co-Chair nominations.
  • Assure Action Alliance accountability and transparency.
  • Hold the Action Alliance accountable for commitment to equity. 

Current Members

  • Victor Armstrong, MSW, Vice President for Health Equity and Engagement, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Robert Gebbia, MA, Chief Executive Officer, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  
  • Josh Gordon, M.D., Ph.D, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health
  • Karen Johnson, Senior Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer, Behavioral Health Division, Universal Health Services, Inc.  
  • Mark Jones, Vice President, Northpoint Recovery
  • David Lloyd, MBA, Chief Policy Officer, Inseparable 
  • David McFarland, Principal Chief Executive Officer, DLM Entertainment Group/DLM Impact Partners
  • Richard McKeon, PhD, MPH, Senior Public Health Advisor, SAMHSA  
  • Linda Rosenberg, MSW, Director of External Relations, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University 
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