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Real Stories

A collaborative suicide prevention approach for news and entertainment

An initiative of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Research finds that how news media reports on suicide and how entertainment media portray suicide can either promote hope and help-seeking or increase hopelessness and the risk of contagion. As part of its efforts to change the conversation about suicide to one of hope and resilience, the Action Alliance recently launched Real Stories--a collaborative approach to help news and entertainment media effectively develop news coverage and on-screen depictions that educate the public about suicide and suicide prevention.

News Media

Through its Real Stories initiative, the Action Alliance is committed to working with news media to tell authentic stories of hope and resiliency. Together with its diverse national partners from both the public and private sectors, the Action Alliance works to:

  • Promote industry-wide adoption of the national Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide
  • Convene in-person and virtual media panels to address timely suicide-related news topics
  • Train journalists in reporting on mental health and suicide
  • Connect news media with the nation's leading suicide prevention experts

To learn more about our work with news media, click here.

Entertainment Media

In an effort to further engage the entertainment industry, the Action Alliance's Real Stories initiative seeks to equip content creators, scriptwriters, and producers with the tools and resources to tell more balanced and authentic stories involving suicide and suicide prevention. The Action Alliance and its public and private sector partners are working together to:

  • Promote widespread adoption of the National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide
  • Provide high-level counsel to entertainment media companies about depicting suicide and elevating awareness of suicide prevention efforts and resources
  • Connect entertainment industry professionals with the nation's leading suicide prevention experts

To learn more about our work with the entertainment industry, click here.

Real Stories Initiative

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