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Faith Communities

In their day-to-day work, faith-based groups already contribute to suicide prevention by increasing hope, supporting emotional well-being, and fostering the development of positive social connections. Faith communities are also critical sources of support during challenging times. These groups can play an important role in identifying individuals in distress and helping them seek help. In addition, they can also support members who have lost a loved one to suicide.


Faith.Hope.Life Campaign

To help faith communities address suicide prevention, the Action Alliance (Faith Communities Task Force) developed the Faith.Hope.Life campaign.

The campaign:

  • Provides every faith tradition, philosophy, and denomination with a set of assembled communications aids and spiritual resources to help prevent suicides in their communities
  • Helps faith communities promote mental and spiritual health as a whole as well as support the needs of family and friends after a suicide event

National Weekend of Prayer for Faith, Hope, & Life

The Action Alliance leads the National Weekend of Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Life—an initiative which invites faith communities across the nation to pray for those whose lives have been touched by suicide.

National Action Alliance
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