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American Indian / Alaska Native

American Indian and Alaska Native populations are at higher risk for suicide than other ethnic and racial groups, with youth ages 10 to 24 years being particularly at risk. Factors linked to increased suicide risk among American Indian/Alaska Native groups include historical trauma, discrimination, alienation, substance abuse, community violence, and suicide contagion.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

In partnership with the National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH), the Action Alliance (American Indian/Alaska Native Task Force) put forward a resolution, passed by the National Congress of American Indians in 2015, creating the annual National American Indian and Alaska Native Hope for Life (Suicide Prevention Awareness) Day.

"… supporting the leadership efforts of our youth and community advocates, celebrating culture and traditional values, and cultivating resilience and community strengths, will create a pathway towards reducing suicide in Indian communities." - National Congress of American Indians, Creating an Annual National American Indian and Alaska Native Hope for Life Day (Suicide Prevention Awareness Day)

To help American Indian/Alaska Native communities celebrate this day, held each year on September 10th, the Action Alliance also developed the Hope for Life Day online toolkit, with resources for community leaders, grassroots organizers, and health care professionals working in Native communities.

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