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Public Awareness and Education Task Force

This task force was created to lead overall Action Alliance efforts related to suicide messaging. Accomplishments include developing the online resource, Framework for Successful Messaging, and working with the Entertainment Industries Council to develop social media guidelines for mental health and suicide prevention.

This work is now being continued by the Changing the Conversation Priority Workgroup.

Note: This group is no longer active. Titles and affiliations are from the time of membership and may have since changed.



  • Jack Benson, MBA, Principal & Business Manager, Reingold (Private Sector)
  • Brian Dyak—Co-Lead, Private Sector; President and CEO, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
  • Rita Fabi, Marketing Manager, Facebook, Inc. (Private Sector)
  • Mark Weber, MBA, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Human Services, Public Affairs Office, US Department of Health and Human Services (Public Sector)


  • Monika Bickert, JD, Lead Security Counsel, Facebook, Inc.
  • Derek Blumke, President, Student Veterans of America
  • Ann Marie Cumming, Vice President of Communications, National Association of Broadcasters
  • Judy Cushing, President and CEO Emeritus, Lines for Life
  • Jeff Edwards, Chase Edwards Memorial Foundation
  • John Griffiths, Television Critic, Us Weekly
  • Mary Hyashi, MBA, Assemblywoman, California State Assembly
  • Courtney Knowles, Executive Director, The Jed Foundation
  • Gary Kreps, PhD, FAAHB, University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Communication, George Mason University
  • Richard Lieberman, MA, LEP, NCSP, Coordinator, Suicide Prevention Unit, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Wayne Lynch, News Director, Northwest Cable News
  • Karen Moyer, Co-founder, Chairman, and Vice President, Moyer Foundation
  • Daniel J. Reidenberg, PsyD, FAPA, Executive Director, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
  • Jason Rzepka, Vice President, Public Affairs, MTV360
  • Nedra Weinreich, President, Weinreich Communications
  • Terry Wise, JD, Author and Speaker

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