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Stand Together: An Action Alliance Event Series

According to CDC data, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death across all ages in the US, with some populations experiencing higher rates – and increases in rates – than the general public. It is a significant public health issue, and one that is increasingly garnering more attention from the media.

Advocates for suicide prevention have long recognized the role that the news media plays in shaping public perceptions and attitudes about suicide and suicide prevention. In some cases, media coverage of suicide can be problematic, inadvertently reinforcing negative beliefs and behaviors that hinder help-seeking behavior. However, media coverage of suicide can also be a powerful tool in suicide prevention efforts when it dispels misperceptions and includes facts that encourage help-seeking behavior.

This September the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention is convening a series of expert panels titled “Stand Together: An Action Alliance Event Series” to bring awareness to suicide during Suicide Prevention Month. The series will be segmented into three panels, each focusing on a specific demographic, including: men in their middle years, teens, and military and veterans.