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Research Agenda

The Action Alliance supports national efforts to prioritize suicide prevention research with the highest potential to save lives. Formed in 2013, the Research Prioritization Task Force led Action Alliance efforts in this area.

Prioritized Research Agenda

To develop a prioritized research agenda identifying the strategies that could potentially have the greatest impact in reducing suicide attempts and deaths in the nation, the task force carried out a multi-step process that included a stakeholder survey, an analysis of existing research, and the modeling of outcomes. The resulting document, A Prioritized Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention: An Action Plan to Save Lives, was released in 2014.

Aimed at prioritizing research to guide our nation’s investments in suicide prevention over the next 10 years, the agenda identifies the strategies that show the most promise for decreasing suicide attempts and deaths and identifies research pathways, and short- and long-term objectives. This information can be useful to researchers, funders, program planners, people with lived experience, health care providers, and others interested in suicide prevention.


    Other resources developed by the Research Prioritization Task Force include:

    Stakeholder Survey:

    Prioritized Research Agenda:

    Portfolio Analyses:


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