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Lethal Means

Reducing access to lethal means—any instrument or object (e.g., medicines, firearms, bridges) used to carry out a self-destructive act—is a key suicide prevention strategy.

Many suicide attempts take place during a short-term crisis. Putting time and space between the means and individuals during a crisis can prevent suicide and save lives. Prevention strategies include the use of safety technologies, such as bridge and railway barriers, prescription drug packaging, and the temporary removal of firearms from the home of individuals at risk for suicide.

Role of the Action Alliance

The Action Alliance (Lethal Means Stakeholder Group) is taking a leading role in convening public and private sector leaders to build consensus around a national, public-private sector approach to advance Goal 6 of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: promote efforts to reduce access to lethal means of suicide among individuals with identified suicide risk.

Formed in 2017, the group:

  • Serves as a national platform for promoting innovative cross-sector efforts
  • Acts as an incubator for new ideas around how to strengthen cross-sector collaboration
  • Advances key national initiatives that address lethal means through a public-private sector approach


National Action Alliance
for Suicide Prevention

1025 Thomas Jefferson St., NW, Ste 700 W
Washington, DC 20007