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National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

"Reducing the number of suicides requires the engagement and commitment of people in many sectors in and outside of government, including public health, mental health, health care, the Armed Forces, business, entertainment, media, and education." - Former U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, Preface from the Surgeon General, National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

The National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (National Strategy) is a call to action intended to guide the nation’s suicide prevention efforts. Released by the U.S. Surgeon General and the Action Alliance, the National Strategy presents 13 goals and 60 objectives for suicide prevention and describes the role that each of us can play in preventing suicide and reducing its impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Role of the Action Alliance 

The Action Alliance is dedicated to advancing the National Strategy, updated in 2012 with support from the National Strategy Revision/Update Task Force.

Three Priorities: To achieve the greatest impact on reducing suicide in the nation, the Action Alliance is currently supporting work on three priorities areas: transforming health systems, transforming communities, and changing the conversation about suicide. These priorities were identified by the Action Alliance’s Impact Group as having the greatest potential to produce the systems-level change necessary to substantially lower the number of suicides in our nation and help to further advance the goals and objectives of the National Strategy.

Areas of Ongoing Focus: In addition to these three priorities, the Action Alliance continues to further progress in other areas critical to advancing the National Strategy: high-impact suicide prevention research, data and surveillance, access to lethal means, and lived experience.

Assessing Progress: The Action Alliance monitors the implementation of the National Strategy and progress towards the achievement of its goals and objectives. Released in 2017 by the Impact Group, the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Implementation Assessment Report describes progress achieved to date and offers recommendations for future action. The addendum to this report describes activities conducted by several federal agencies in support of National Strategy goals and objectives.

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