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Suicide Attempt Survivors Task Force

This task force brought together a diverse group of individuals with lived experience to develop a suicide prevention resource that would convey the voice of attempt survivors. The work of this group culminated with the release of the 2014 report, The Way Forward: Pathways to Hope, Recovery, and Wellness with Insights from Lived Experience, which provides recommendations for suicide prevention informed by the perspectives of suicide attempt survivors.  

Note: This group is no longer active. Titles and affiliations are from the time of membership and may have since changed.


  • John Draper, PhD, Project Director, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Private Sector)
  • Eduardo Vega, MA Executive Director, Mental Health Association of San Francisco (Private Sector)


  • Lilly Glass Akoto, LCSW, Looking In ~ Looking Out, LLC
  • Cara Anna, Founder, Talking about Suicide Blog
  • Heidi Bryan, Founder, Feeling Blue Suicide Prevention Council and Heidi Bryan Consulting, LLC
  • Julie Cerel, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Social Work, University of Kentucky
  • Mark Davis, MA, Consumer Advocate
  • Linda Eakes, CMPS, New Frontiers, Truman Behavioral Health
  • Barb Gay, MA, Executive Director, Foundation 2, Inc.
  • Leah Harris, MA, National Empowerment Center
  • Tom Kelly, CRSS, CPS, Manager, Recovery and Resiliency, Magellan Health Services of Arizona
  • Carmen Lee, Program Director, Stamp Out Stigma
  • Stanley Lewy, MBA, MPH, President, Suicide Prevention Association
  • DeQuincy Lezine, PhD, President and CEO, Prevention Communities
  • Jennifer Randal-Thorpe, CEO, MR Behavior Intervention Center
  • Shari Sinwelski, MS, EdS, Director of Network Development, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Sabrina Strong, MPH, Executive Director, Waking Up Alive, Inc.
  • CW Tillman, Consumer Advocate
  • Stephanie Weber, MS, Executive Director, Suicide Prevention Services of America


* Staff Support: Angela Mark, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  


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