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Clinical Care and Intervention Task Force

This task force was created to identify ways to improve the quality of care for suicide risk health care setting and systems. Its 2012 report, Suicide Care in Systems Framework, outlines the best and most promising practices for preventing suicide in health care settings. After guiding the development of the Action Alliance’s Zero Suicide initiative, the task force completed its work in 2013, with the launch of the Zero Suicide website. Zero Suicide Implementation efforts are now led by EDC’s Zero Suicide Institute.

Note: This group is no longer active. Titles and affiliations are from the time of membership and may have since changed.


  • David Covington, LPC, MBA, CEO & President, RI International, Inc. (Private Sector)    
  • Mike Hogan, PhD, Independent Advisor and Consultant, Hogan Health Solutions LLC (Private Sector)


  • Alan “Lanny” L. Berman, PhD, ABPP, Executive Director, American Association of Suicidology
  • Ed Coffey, MD, Vice President, Henry Ford Health System
  • Kate Comtois, PhD, MPH, Clinical Director, University of Washington Harborview
  • Chris Damle, Senior Director of Adult Services, Magellan Health Services of Arizona
  • Laurie Davidson, MA, Project Manager for Provider Initiatives, Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • John Draper, PhD, Project Director, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Shareh Ghani, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Magellan Health Services of Arizona
  • David Grossman, MD, MPH, Medical Director for Preventative Care, Group Health Research Institute
  • Julie Goldstein Grumet, PhD, Director of Prevention and Practice, Suicide Prevention Resource Center    
  • David Jobes, PhD, Associate Director of Clinical Training, Catholic University of America
  • Christine Ketchmark, PsyD, Director of Clinical Analytics, Outcomes, and Integration, Magellan Health Services of Arizona
  • Richard McKeon, PhD, MPH, Suicide Prevention Branch Chief, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Fred Meservey, LMSW, Director, Suicide Prevention Center of New York
  • Gary O’Brien, DMin, Prevention Specialist, Suicide Prevention Center of New York
  • Cindy Padilla, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Administration on Aging
  • Paul Schyve, MD, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Improvement, The Joint Commission
  • Phil Satow, MA, National Council for Suicide Prevention Representative; Co-founder, Jed Foundation
  • Shannon Skowronski, MPH, MSW, Program Specialist, U.S. Administration on Aging
  • Heather Stokes, LCSW, Vice President, LivingWorks Education, Inc.


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