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Construction is one of the top occupations linked to an increased risk for suicide. A 2016 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that construction-related jobs have the second highest suicide rate among all occupations. Risk factors for suicide among people who work in the construction industry include financial and relationship problems related to lack of steady employment, social isolation, physical strain, a culture of toughness, substance use disorders, and access to lethal means of self-harm.

Construction Industry Blueprint

To support suicide prevention in the construction industry, the Action Alliance (Workplace Taskforce) developed A Construction Industry Blueprint: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace. Intended to help construction industry leaders educate their work force about the importance of mental health, this online resource provides recommendations for effective workplace suicide prevention efforts geared specifically to construction workers and includes a workplace self-assessment questionnaire.

In addition to the task force’s efforts, the Action Alliance is pleased to support the CFMA’s Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention—a sector-led initiative aimed at providing and disseminating information and resources for suicide prevention and mental health promotion in construction. Through the information and resources CFMA has compiled, the Alliance looks to help those in the construction industry create awareness of the problem, cultivate a culture of caring, and start the conversation in the workplace.


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