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Suicide Prevention Training

Businesses can train their staff how to identify people who may be at risk for suicide and how to link them to care. Usually, organizations choose to train HR staff, supervisors or managers, or peer supporters, but anyone in an organization can potentially be trained in what is known as “suicide prevention gatekeeper training.” Suicide Prevention Gatekeepers are people who are likely to observe changes in mood and behavior in others and can link those at-risk for suicide to help.  Sometimes managers can play this role, but sometimes an administrative assistant or trusted colleague might be just as effective.  By increasing the number of people who are trained in “gatekeeper training,” a company will increase the likelihood that people at-risk for suicide will be identified earlier in the progression of suicidal thoughts and behavior, and that the possibility of a catastrophic outcome will be reduced.

Most suicide prevention training programs consist of a workshop (either in-person or online) and appropriate accompanying educational materials. The organizations below provide various suicide prevention training programs, including prevention and postvention (approaches designed to assist those affected by a suicide or suicide attempt to decrease negative responses and increase coping), screening tools, gatekeeper training and online educational information. These resources will help companies create a work environment where employees and managers are more knowledgeable about suicide, more prepared to help colleagues, and more prepared to act.

    Type of Organization: Private, for profit corporation
    Services: Workshop for caregivers who want to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the immediate risk of suicide
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): In person training
    Cost: $32.55 per kit (plus S&H) plus trainer’s fees
  • QPR
    Type of Organization: Private Company
    Services: "Question, Refer and Persuade" - training for anyone to help save lives from suicide. Provides online trainings and information on a gatekeeper trainer near you
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Online or in-person gatekeeper training, bookstore
    Cost: Many QPR trainers donate their services – check with the QPR Institute about trainers in your area. Online costs $13.95-$29.95 per person
  • safeTALK
    Type of Organization: Private, for profit corporation
    Services: Three hour training that prepares anyone over the age of 15 to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): In person training
    Cost: $4.00 per kit (plus S&H) plus trainer’s fees.
  • Working Minds
    Type of Organization: 501(c)3
    Services: Website with workplace-screening tool, train-the-trainer workshop and training toolkit.This train-the-trainer workshop is 3 ½ hours and is designed to build           capacity within a workplace, so that staff internal to the organization can deliver this training with cultural relevance.
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Toolkit, keynote presentations, training workshops
    Cost: Train-the-trainer workshops cost $250 per person plus travel costs of the master trainer. Toolkits cost $99 each. Contact organization for further details.
  • Yellow Ribbon
    Type of Organization: Nonprofit charity organization
    Services: Community- based program use for prevention and postvention
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Workshops and trainings
    Cost: Be-A-Link! = $500 per training session plus materials; Ask 4 Help = $500 per session plus YR Cards & Youth Brochure




National Action Alliance
for Suicide Prevention

300 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2010
Waltham, MA 02451