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Education and Advocacy

Businesses can educate employees about common mental illnesses and advocate for inclusion. Social barriers are some of the strongest obstacles that prevent people from acknowledging mental illness and seeking care. In addition to just raising awareness, employers can cultivate deep cultural change around these difficult topics by modeling “we can talk about this here.” Two things that have been found to confront the stigma that so many hold against mental illness are science that links mental health conditions to brain functioning and stories of hope and recovery. When employees learn about how mental illness works and that treatment is effective, they become hopeful and can become more accepting of help.

There are many organizations that provide mental health information and advocacy, give companies the opportunity to educate managers and employees about mental health, and design trainings suited to the specific needs of a company. The organizations below provide information regarding mental health research, public awareness, advocacy, common mental health concerns, specific workplace mental health concerns, conferences, tools to help employers develop a business case for addressing mental health, toolkits, workshops and screening programs.

  • American Association of Suicidology
    Type of Organization: Non-profit
    Services: Promotes research, public awareness, programs, public education, and training for professionals, volunteers, and serves as a national clearinghouse for information on suicide.  Has an annual conference.  Provides PDF of information sheets and research
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Online PDFs, conference
    Cost: Free
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    Type of Organization: Non-profit
    Services: Supports research, provides information & education about depression & suicide; sponsors National Suicide Survivor Day (November)
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Videos, facilitator guides, website printouts
    Cost: Free
  • Families for Depression Awareness
    Type of Organization: Non-profit
    Services: Provide educational workshops to employers on mental health topics , helps families recognize and cope with depressive disorders to get people well and prevent suicides.
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Webinars, publications, website, speakers, etc.
    Cost: Nominal charge for some activities, most are free
  • Mental Health America
    Type of Organization: Non-profit
    Services: Supports National Mental Health Awareness Month (May), provides mental health information (including on workplace mental health), hosts national conference
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Online educational printouts, affiliate search database on website
    Cost: Free
  • Partnership for Workplace Mental Health
    Type of Organization: Program of the American Psychiatric Foundation 501(c)3
    Services: Tools to help employers make business case; employer case examples
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): 1. Quarterly publication, Mental Health Works, 2. Searchable database of employer case examples
    Cost: Free
  • Screening for Mental Health
    Type of Organization: Non-profit
    Services: Online and in-person mental health education and screening programs, including National Depression Screening Day kits
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Online screening, in-person screening kits
    Cost: Fee based on program
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    Type of Organization: Program of SAMHSA and the Mental Health Association of NYC
    Services: Hotline/Crisis Center 1-800-273-8225 
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Suicide Prevention Hotline (Phone)
    Cost: Free
  • Suicide Prevention Resource Center
    Type of Organization: Funded through grant under SAMHSA
    Services: Trainings and webinars on suicide prevention, publications
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Toolkits, guides, research summaries, webinar, online courses and information sheets on a variety of suicide prevention topics
    Cost: Free
  • Working Minds
    Type of Organization: Non-profit
    Services: Educational workshops and keynote addresses for workplace conferences. Website with workplace-screening tool, train-the-trainer workshop and training toolkit
    Format (print, webinar, blog, etc.): Fact sheets and blueprint for change, employer testimonial videos
    Cost: Web resources are free


National Action Alliance
for Suicide Prevention

300 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2010
Waltham, MA 02451