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Don Mordecai, MD


National Leader for Mental Health and Wellness


Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Don Mordecai is the National Leader for Mental Health and Wellness at Kaiser Permanente, headquartered in Oakland, California. Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s largest nonprofit health plan and hospital system, serving 11.8 million members in eight regions. In this role, Mordecai leads national initiatives for Kaiser Permanente in the areas of care delivery, stigma reduction, and the use of technology to improve outcomes in mental health and addiction care.

Prior to these roles, Mordecai was Director of Mental Health and Addiction Medicine for The Permanente Medical Group, and Chief of Psychiatry and Chief of Health Promotion for the Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center. He trained at Stanford in the fields of child/adolescent and adult psychiatry. His clinical work is focused on patients with developmental disorders, ADHD, and the range of general psychiatry issues.

Mordecai is also Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University Medical School.

National Action Alliance
for Suicide Prevention

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