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Editorial Policy Guidelines

Editorial Policy for Content Dissemination through the Faith.Hope.Life. campaign

Content contributed for dissemination through the Faith.Hope.Life. Campaign have been reviewed by members of an interfaith editorial board and, when necessary, were edited by the board, in collaboration with the contributor, to ensure consistency with the editorial guidelines below. If after discussion between the editorial board and the contributor agreement cannot be achieved, the contributor may withdraw the contribution. The judgment of the interfaith editorial board is final. The board will consult with the Action Alliance Secretariat staff, when necessary.

Editorial Guidelines 

Content must seek to strengthen factors empirically shown or generally considered to be protective against suicidal thinking and suicidal behaviors (e.g., faith, spirituality, connectedness, hopefulness, life meaning, and effective treatments), build resilience, and/or to mitigate factors that increase risk of suicidal thinking and suicidal behaviors (e.g., social isolation, shame, sense of burdensomeness, exposure to trauma, and mental health and substance use disorders.)

  • Content will have mental health promotion and/or suicide prevention as its primary, though not necessarily its sole focus. If other subjects are included in the content, they should be related to mental health promotion and/or suicide prevention in some recognizable way.
  • Content referencing theological viewpoints or doctrinal positions, or quoting sacred or other faith texts is appropriate for the FHL campaign as long as the material meets the other criteria.
  • Content shall not promote one theological or doctrinal position over some other theological or doctrinal position, or proselytize/appear to proselytize for any particular faith perspective in any way.
  • Content shall not disparage any groups or individuals, including those related to race, ethnicity, or faith; sexual orientation or gender identity; or people experiencing mental or emotional problems, or thoughts of suicide or suicidal behaviors.
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